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Google Classroom codes

1st period:  7sfe5yx
2nd period:  brt6fs6
3rd period:  2cvmed6
4th period:   ntam5ia
5th period:  hly26cq  

Mr. Farry

Mr. Farry’s Classroom


Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to check in with me. This year’s approach to teaching with distance learning has been challenging and rewarding.  I am very thankful for the district leadership’s foresight and planning ahead for this process.

We are learning how to Zoom, converting our family rooms into classrooms and using every bit of our internet bandwidth. This has been an adjustment for everyone, to be sure.  Yet many of my students have risen to the occasion and are actively engaged in the learning process. I want to assure every parent/guardian and student that we are working to be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Classroom Expectations

  • Students will be courteous and respectful of everyone

  • Students will log in on time

  • Students will participate verbally and stay engaged

  • When available, students use video during Zoom classes

  • Students will check google classroom and their HUSD emails for class updates and information. (Including Zoom links and classroom pass codes)

Contact Information

Students and Parents can reach me by email at  

Online Tools

HUSD has partnered with a new service called Clever.  It is the portal or “front door” through which all students should enter for online learning. It is where they will find all the links they need to HUSD district website, their student HUSD email.  In addition, the portal gives access to Infinite Campus, our attendance platform, and IXL, a powerful, user-friendly program that we adopted for math and other subjects.  The portal has direct links to their Google Classroom where students can turn in their work, see assignments, due dates and even post comments and questions for the teacher.

Philosophy and Mission

I have been a dishwasher, a pilot, a fire fighter a race car driver and a dozen other things before I became a teacher. Now after thirty years in this wonderful profession, it is an honor to be able to teach your students for one last season. It is my hope that they will take advantage of this unusual, once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and work toward their diploma; to start them on the journey to their life’s next chapter.

Kurt V. Farry

Educator 1989 -2020