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Ms. Jackson

Greetings Students and Parents/Guardians,

Last semester distance learning was thrust upon us without warning!  This year, we delved in armed with so many more resources and tech savvy.  I hope you are gearing up for a year filled with new experiences and (some) changes!

This letter outlines our program this year.  I will be conducting class daily via Zoom (for synchronous learning--live and in real time supported by video conferencing) and via Google Classroom (for asynchronous learning--independent student work).  

Students will have a Google Classroom code for each class.  Google Classroom requires an HUSD student email and password to login.  Students may also access their classes (and other apps) via  Clever uses a Google sign-in, which requires the same HUSD student email and password.  

The Google Classroom codes for all classes are listed below:


Google Classroom Codes

1st English


2nd English


3rd Government


4th Science


5th P.E.


7th Advisory


The Zoom link for our classes may be found in Google Classroom and on your Gmail calendar.

Students need to attend Zoom meetings daily.  If you expect to be absent, please let me know via text or email, and call or email our attendance clerk, Gloria Romero.  Her phone number is 1(510) 723-3160 x60111, and her email is

I will be available via email and via phone Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, but I may also be available at a time more convenient for you if the need arises.  (My personal cell phone is available to parents and students only.)

Respectfully yours,

Deborah Jackson


Helpful Links: 

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