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Contact Information  

To contact Mr Buckley, email is best, text is next best            


Text/Voicemail:  (510)560-3663

Mr. Buckley


Brenkwitz High School 

Class Schedule: 

Instructor: Mr. Buckley                                                                                     Term/Year: Spring/2020-2021

Office Hours (see Class Schedule above) 


Courses: Apex Credit Recovery, 1st Period Google Classroom Code rourxaz

Advanced Manufacturing 2, 2nd & 3rd Period Google Classroom Code odufpxs

Advanced Manufacturing 1, 4th & 5th Period Google Classroom Code wwi6ltf

Self Development/Advisory (Mon and Fri see schedule above) 72dei73


To contact Mr Buckley, email is best, txt is next best 

Email:             TEXT / Voice Mail:   510-560-3663 


Attendance Policy: Attendance is extremely important. If you cannot attend a class (zoom session) please email an explanation to your Instructor and to our attendance clerk Mrs Romero. You can make-up work (if absence excused) for full credit, BUT if unexcused, each day the assignment is late loses credit. 

Grading Policy: Grades are decided as a percentage of the total points a student accumulated during the term. 1. Classwork and Projects, Homework 70%     2. Tests & Quizzes 30%     Homework:, Classwork & Lab Write-ups: Homework and classwork points are usually 10 points, Projects are 50 to 100 points     Tests and Quizzes and Projects: Tests or Quizzes are given weekly 

Classroom Rules: Students are expected to follow Hayward USD 2020-21 Student & Family Handbook: 

1. Students need to be on time for Class/Zoom meetings. If late, students can make up the time during office hours.

2. Students are expected to follow the expectations for zoom meetings:

3. Students are expected to follow the Netiquette guidelines: