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Mr. Liu


text/call:  (408)461-5485



Hi All, and welcome to Brenkwitz!


My name is Mr. Liu and I teach CTE Advanced Manufacturing 1 and 2 here at BHS. These classes are specific to the Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathway and in these courses, you will learn how a product is designed and made, in addition to learning about the specific tools and strategies required in the design and manufacturing processes. During this school year, I strive to develop productive relationships with incoming students, and maintain consistent support for returning students as we dive deep into the modern manufacturing world. 


We have all been forced to adapt to the new Distance Learning environment, and I recognize that this change has been incredibly difficult for some. I value communication greatly, and will always be forgiving with students who communicate issues that are preventing them from attending class or completing work. Students always have the chance to make up classwork and attendance through office hours each day. Below is a summary of my classes with corresponding links. 

Email me at or text/call me at 4084615485 - Best, Mr. Liu