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Student Responsibilities:

Do some school work each day, 5 days of the week.

Do NOT procrastinate!  Stay on top of what is required and stay on pace to complete all work by the due date.

Show up to all appointments! DO NOT schedule any conflicting appointments.  No excuses!!!

Communicate with the teacher continually!!!


Parent Responsibilities:

Parent must ensure that student has transportation to every appointment.

Parent must review work completed each day and week using the assignment sheet.

Parent must ensure that all work has been completed by the student and has not been plagiarized or copied.

Teacher Responsibilities:

Teachers will assign appropriate work for the course, according to the student’s ability.

Teachers will be flexible in the number of courses for which work will be assigned at one time.

Teachers will grade all work and return any not satisfactorily completed. (no F’s)

Thinking of Independent Studies?


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How Independent Studies works:

Students are assigned course work during appointments with a teacher. 

Students are required to do the assigned work at home - generally spending 20-30 hours a week doing only school work.

Students are required to attend 2 appoint-ments each week (M/W or T/Th) on the Sunset Campus.  Transportation is the responsibility of the student and family.

Teachers are available to answer specific questions regarding the work, but are not available for extended direct instruction.

Parental involvement is crucial to ensure that all assignments are completed each week.

About Us

Students interested in applying should be currently enrolled in a HUSD school or in an Independent Study Program in another district, and have recently moved to the Hayward Unified School District.


Independent Study (9th-12th)

  • Students in show business
  • Students who are parenting
  • Students on Independent Study are eligible to participate in all home school activities including sports
  • Students can take class at their home school
  • Students graduate from their home school
  • Staffed by fully credentialed teachers and counselors
  • Can still attend ROP Grades 11 & 12

Home Study (k-8th) 

  • A program that assists parents with home schooling their children
  • Uses the same curriculum as the home school
  • Free Option to transfer back to home school at any time
  • Student participates in standardized testing
  • Staffed by fully credentialed teachers
  • Appointments are scheduled around


The Process to begin Independent Studies:

  1. Student and Parent attend an SST meeting at the home high school.
  2. Parent and school counselor complete the Voluntary Transfer form.
  3. Form is forwarded to the district office for approval.  They forward approved forms to Independent Studies for final approval and to be placed on the wait list.
  4. Independent Studies’ Office Specialist will call the phone number provided on the form to set an Intake Appointment.
  5. Student should continue to attend the home high school through the day prior to the Intake appointment.
  6. Student and Parent attend the Intake Appointment, meeting with the Counselor and the assigned Teacher.
  7. The assigned teacher and family work together to set twice weekly appointments for the student subject to the teacher’s availability 8 – 2:30, Monday - Thursday.


What it takes to succeed in Independent Studies:

  • A quiet time and place to do school work.
  • Access to a phone to contact the teacher to ask questions.
  • The ability and self-discipline to work independently.
  • English and reading skills at a sufficient level to comprehend information independently.
  • Resourcefulness to seek out alternative explanations when needed.
  • Support from parents.



Weekly Appointments:

Student uses a time clock to record attendance.

Student greets his/her teacher and turns in completed assignments.

Student works in the classroom for 1 hour on course work and requests any needed assistance from teacher.


Earning Credits:

Partial credit will be granted by the home high school for work completed prior to enrolling in Independent Studies.

Each assignment completed with a passing grade will earn points towards earning credits in each course.

Every 9 points earned in a course will be equivalent to ½ credit in that course.

The speed at which a student earns credit is determined by the speed a student completes assignments.  To earn 15 credits in a Quarter, the student will need to earn approximately 30-35 points each week of a 9 week quarter.


Earning Attendance:

Official Attendance is ONLY earned by turning in passing quality work although seat time during appointments is required by contract. 

Only 5 days of attendance can be earned each week.



Graduation is possible from your home high school.

Meeting the graduation requirements of HUSD is possible in Independent Studies.

Meeting ALL of the a – g UC and CSU requirements in Independent Studies is NOT possible.  Lab Science and World Language courses are not available in Independent Studies.  Electives are also significantly limited, specifically the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.

Some students may meet the UC and CSU requirements by attending Chabot courses during their 11th and/or 12th grade years.

Returning to traditional high school after Independent Studies??

Students are able to return to their high school at any time.

Independent Studies is a voluntary program.  It is a voluntary option, not a placement.

It is recommended that a return take place at a quarter or semester break, after ensuring that an appropriate number of credits has been earned in the appropriate courses.