Brenkwitz Registrar

Estrella Cardenas

510-723-3160 ext 60144




Brenkwitz Continuation High School
Enrollment Process


  1. If your child is currently enrolled in a Hayward School or you have recently moved into the Hayward area and attended a traditional high school
    • Make sure your student is enrolled or remains enrolled at the home school, Hayward High, Mt Eden, or Tennyson and continues to attend classes every day.
    • Schedule an appointment with the Principal, Counselor or Vice-Principal at your home school and request a voluntary transfer to one of the alternative programs. 
    • A transfer packet will be put together by the home school which will include all necessary documentation and a place for you and your child’s signature.
    • The packet will then be forwarded to the Administrator of Student Services for approval and then forwarded to the Brenkwitz principal, for approval.
    • Once the principal has approved the transfer you will be contacted once space becomes available.
    • You will be given a scheduled day and time for you and your student to attend orientation. Parents are required to attend the new student orientation.  
  2. If your family has recently moved to the Hayward Area and your child previously attended a continuation high school in your former district, you may enroll your student immediately if you meet the following conditions:
    • You are the parent or legal guardian of the student
    • You have valid proof of residence (i.e. PG&E, EBMUD, Landline phone bill, rental or lease agreement or mortgage payment paperwork)
  3. If you don't have the necessary documentation OR  if the student live with someone else other than the parent OR the parent can't provide proof of residence you'll need to contact Child Welfare and Attendance office to assist in completing the enrollment process.   Ask to speak to the secretary, Leticia Pajoluk at (510)723-3857 option 5.  



Parent/s or Guardians need to notify the attendance office upon learning that their child will be withdrawing to another school or school district. Once the attendance office confirms the withdraw you'll got to the registrar office to see Ms. Cardenas  and she will issue you an unofficial/official transcript.