Attendance Clerk ~ 

Anabelle Zendejas at 510-723-3160 ext 60111.


To excuse your students absence please call the attendance clerk,

You can call, leave a voice message or write a note to excuse your student's absence, either way the absences needs to be cleared with in 72 hours.

Para excusar la ausencia de su estudiante por favor de llamar a Anabelle Zendejas a 510-723-3160 extencion 60111. 


Attendance Verification 

If you need attendance verification for your student allow 24 hours for the letter or form to be filled out.  

Social services requests are mailed out within 24 hours to the address indicated on the form.

To avoid an interruptions or delay please be sure the form is completed with your signature on it along with the return envelope. 


Attendance Clearance Policy 

absences must be cleared with in 72 hours (3 days) by phone / person or a note from the parent/guardian only. 

Any absences that are 3 days or more needs a doctor's note to excuse the absences.  


Off Grounds Pass 

Students who have a note from the parent/guardian to leave school grounds for a medical appointment,

must check in first thing in the morning before school starts, with the attendance clerk: 


1) to confirm w/ parent/guardian

2) after confirming the student will be issued an off grounds pass. 


Anytime during school hours if the student leaves campus they should have checked out with the office first, if they leave without permission/pass it is a cut.