If you're planning on walking the stage for graduation then Seniors it's time to order your cap 'n gowns!!



The fee is $26.10 and the deadline to order is April 17, 2017.  In order to get your cap in gown on time for must purchase by that date OR if after the date you will still get your cap and gown but there is no guarantee it will be here on time for graduation and the price after April 17th will be $36.10. 


Order forms are available once the money order/ cashier's check is brought into the main office/ registrar/ school counselor. 


Money Order / Cashier's check should be made out to HERFF JONES 



Brenkwitz is on Twitter!!


go to @Brenkwitz High 

Calendar of Events


February 9                                                  Transcript Review/Open House   6 pm 


February 13                                                Lincoln's Birthday


February 20                                                President's Day Observed


March 31                                                    Cesar Chavez Day


April 10-14                                                  Spring Break 


May 29                                                         Memorial Day Observed


June 1                                                          Final Graduation Notification 


June 8                                                          Brenkwitz Graduation Ceremony  @ 6 pm 


June 14                                                        Last day of school 



If you have recently moved to the Hayward Area and your child previously attended a Traditional (non-continuation) High School,

  • Please go to your neighborhood school that is identified by your street address and enroll your child at that home school.
  • If you wish to enroll your child at the continuation high school, please follow the steps above after you have enrolled your child at the home school.


Brenkwitz Hayward Hero

Kevin Buckely has been teaching at Brenkwitz for 11 years, he wears many hats at our school, he is the head of our Science Department, teaches Biology, Health, Robotics, 3-D Printing and also provides technological support.

Kevin has been instrumental in implementing our Advanced Manufacturing Career Pathway, giving our students the opportunity to learn about new technology that will improve the lives of many.

On a daily basis he shows our students that he cares about them by bringing them fruit/veggies from local farmers markets. To say he is a team player is an understatement, Kevin is a teacher and colleague that can always be counted on to take on projects that benefit both students and the community. His dedication to our community is inspiring!

Brenkwitz High School  13-14.png



Brenkwitz High School provides an alternative educational opportunity to Hayward's high school-aged population, in a safe and secure learning environment for all. We offer a chance at credit recovery for students who are in danger of not graduating from high school but also develop a sense of community, overcome academic and or social challenges.  Our staff is committed to providing the essential tool's students need in order to earn their high school diploma.


We're a fully WASC accredited high school which our diploma is recognized by both public and private colleges and universities. 


Brenkwitz High School has high expectations for student's conduct and achievement.

Brenkwitz Expected School-Wide Learning 



  • Students will, through individual counseling, be informed and recognize where they are and where they need to be to graduate from high school before enrolling at Brenkwitz High 


  • Students will receive support in remedying academic skill deficiencies 
  • Students will receive instruction that remediates content area deficiencies


  • Students will have a relationship with a faculty advisor who monitors academic progress and personal impediments to academic progress
  • Student academic progress will be monitored on a weekly basis during advisory periods to encourage progress toward the students' academic goals including the earning of credit and regular school attendance.
  • Students will receive a standard based curriculum in the content areas


  • Students will accumulate sufficient united to return to their home school for graduation
  • Students will graduate from Brenkwitz with a high school diploma
  • Student will prepare for post-secondary education in college or a vocational/technical training program


Food Services

If you need to fill out a free/reduced application or check the status of an application click on the link below.

Infinite Campus Portal for Parents & Students

Parent Portal Application and Acceptable Use Policy

Aplicación y Acuerdo de Uso Aceptable

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